Black Franch Khimar Suit, Muslim black outfit, Abaya,Black Modern Burqa, Long Skirt, Oversize Hijab, Ready to wear hijab, Long Khimar

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Elegant suit - long khimar and a Maxi skirt made of high quality suiting, boxy silhouette will hide your figure from prying eyes. The muslim outfit does not stick to the body is not visible, the sleeves and the waist skirt is fixed with an elastic band. This chic hijab gives you the freedom of movement, comfort and real beauty covered women. The top khimar tied as a bandana, is securely fixed to the head.
Our shop makes everyday wardrobe covered girls is modern, stylish and follows the Sunnah.
We can make this costume in any size and in any color! For color selection please contact us in the correspondence.
Standart scirt length 105 cm, if you need longer plz add length in note or message.
Fabric suiting (60% viscose, 35% poliester, 5% elastan)