Black Franch khimar suit, Muslim sport suit, Harem pants, Islamic dress, Stylish Sport Hijab, Gray Niqab, Boho Pants, Afghani pants

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Popular black French khimar in sporty style with afghani pants. The Harem pants complete with a long hijab outfit ideal for sports, walks and picnics. This burka does not hinder you movements, lifting the leg or arm you will not be afraid to expose the body, as all the limbs are fixed - band and cuff. For young mothers the good news is that this costume is very easy to breast feed and chasing children on the Playground. And the best part is that this khimar is worn in just 1 minute. Does not require pins.
We can make this suit in any color

Regular pants light 105 cm, if you need longer plz wright us in a massege.
Fabric viscose