Elegant Ivory Women's Suit Set - Comfort and Style Combined

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Indulge in sophistication and practicality with our Elegant Ivory Women's Suit Set. Crafted from stretchy, ivory-hued fabric, this ensemble offers the perfect blend of comfort and style. The straight-cut trousers feature an elastic waistband for a snug fit, while the tunic boasts a relaxed silhouette, complete with a front slit from shoulder to hem. Ideal for nursing mothers, the tunic's design provides both convenience and elegance.
Two sizes one and two suits.
Size 1:
pants - waist 76 cm, hips 110 cm, length 96 cm
Tunic - hands 41 cm, chest 110 cm, length 122 cm
Size 2:
pants - waist 80 cm, hips 122 cm, length 100 cm
Tunic - Handles 42 cm, chest 124 cm, length 125 cm