Elegant light green trendy ladies trouser suit crepe - comfortable, stylish and compatible with sharia law

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Pamper yourself with a refined women’s trouser suit made of high quality light green crepe fabric. This ensemble has wide trousers and elastic strap for comfort and style. The tunic has a long, loose silhouette decorated with side slits for easy movement and touch. Lightweight fabric designed for versatility, provides no wrinkles, ideal for busy days or elegant evenings.

Expand your ensemble by adding our additional hijab, ensuring continuous coordination and compliance with sharia standards. Whether for yourself or your beloved, this ensemble not only charms with its beauty, but also offers practicality, which makes it the perfect gift. Please note, due to the monitor settings, the actual color may vary slightly, providing a unique and individual approach to each garment. Lift up your style effortlessly with our ladies pantsuit, where elegance meets practicality.

There are two sizes - 1 and 3:
Size 1
Trousers - waist 72 cm, hip 118 cm, length 99 cm
Tunic - Sleeve 45 cm, chest 106 cm, length 130 cm
Size 3
Pants - Waist 78 cm, hips 132 cm, length 102 cm
Tunic - sleeve 47 cm, chest 124 cm, length 130 cm