Elegant Rose Print White khimar made by super soft fabric

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This lovely khimar is a beautiful accessory that is perfect for any Muslim woman who wants to add elegance to her wardrobe. The hijab features a delicate rose print in shades of pink on a white background, giving it a soft and feminine look.

Made from a lightweight and flowing fabric, the hijab has a flared hem that creates a graceful and sophisticated look. The sleeves are secured with two buttons, providing a comfortable and secure fit. The hijab can be purchased separately or as a set with a matching pink skirt or dress.

The hijab’s white color provides a fresh and clean appearance, while the rose print adds a touch of romance and femininity. It is perfect for wearing to formal events, weddings, or any special occasion where a woman wants to look her best while adhering to her religious customs.

Overall, this rose print white hijab is a must-have for any Muslim woman who wants to add elegance and femininity to her wardrobe. The high-quality fabric, delicate print, and comfortable fit make it a perfect accessory for any occasion.