Feride white Çalıkuşu Tichel, Retro Wedding veil, Scarf Bandana,Chemo Wrap,Jewish Head covering, Sleep Alopecia Cap,Sammer ready scarf

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The finished ready to wear hat, which does not require the skills of dressed and went )) The bright red bandana also will look great as wedding veils. This scarf is made by beige crepe chiffon, the piece in the form of a cap is decorated with beautiful pleats, the ends can effectively be on the shoulders, so you can tie them in a bow, wrap around the neck or head. This headpiece is like the Christians, Catholics and Jewish woman. It would suit all girls who love to be and look stylish. To create this hat was inspired by the Turkish film Çalıkuşu. The back has elastic band, so this Tichel is dimensionless

This vintage style ring is perfect for tribal bellydancing or as an accessory for a bohemian look.

Made in Ukraine!
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Fabric crepe chiffon
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