Over size white silk khimar dress

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A- silhouette silk long khimar with high cuffs - chic, beauty a and widely . This khimar will be a good cover for you. Delicate soft white silk ideal for summer weather. Always keep in mind that the fabric is transparent , at the bottom have to be the dress. An elegant way for the believing women. Buttons secure the cuffs. Be sure when ordering in the note write the length of the khimar and the girth of the wrist.We can sew khimar in any other color!
This handy headdress like those who do not yet know how to wind a scarf, busy mums and female students. It is simple and concise, suitable for study, work and walks. This model will be appreciated by women plus size and those who prefer a very loose covering!

I can make in any color to any of your outfit, also we can make it longer and
shorter if you want.
I would be glad if you will cover our hijab )

Material jersey (viscose and polyester)
FREE SIZE! Standart length 170 cm, if you need different plz write at note!

Materials: silk

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