Stylish gray Turban Hijab, ready to wear hijab, Pret A Porter Hijab, abaya hijab, burqa, Dubai hijab, modern hijab, elegant abaya

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This charming hijab is made in an elegant gray color, its design solution for our favorite client's. Stylish, simple and elegant, it is ideal for any dress or Abaya. You can use it in any situation - study, a walk, a holiday. This hijab is must have.
Express is the hijab, to wear it you do not need special skills! just tie the tie and wrap around the head. Video instructions are on our home page (scroll down).
Especially for you, we can make the hijab in any color and with any decor!
The hijab for those who love the elegant black color. A chic option for the Muslim look!
Pret A Porter Hijab will allow you to be stylish covered girl. It is ideal for celebration, school, trips and for office workers. This headpiece is sure to appreciate Muslim women and covered Christians.
Notice in the photo underneath a special hat Volumizer for hijab, we recommend you to purchase this turban with Volumizer for hijab, for your beautiful look.

Fabric crepe chiffon
Size FREE.

Materials: crepe chiffon