Stylish Turban Hijab, ready to wear hijab, chapel scarf, Scarf Handmade, Pret A Porter Hijab, violet hijab, Muslim fashion, purplt Turban

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Stylish violet Turban that can be worn as hijab or chapel scarf. This Scarf is made by hand,It looks very stylish like a turban. Most importantly you do not need a long time to stand in front of a mirror to tie a scarf, this hijab is ready to wear, you just need to tie the back tie and wrap the scarf around the head or around the neck

Pret A Porter Hijab will allow you to be stylish covered girl. It is ideal for celebration, school, trips and for office workers. This headpiece is sure to appreciate Muslim women and covered Christians.
Notice in the photo underneath a special hat Volumizer for hijab, we recommend you to purchase this turban with Volumizer for hijab, for your beautiful look.

Fabric crepe chiffon

We can implement this model in any color, please send in a message.

Materials: crepe chiffon