Urban style Black waterproof abaya with harem pants and zippers, raincoat hijab dress, Muslim rain outfit

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Elevate your style with our sophisticated and comfortable ensemble designed for those who appreciate both beauty and convenience. Crafted from premium quality water-repellent fabric , this set is luxuriously soft to the touch. The ensemble features a full-length dress adorned with side zippers, effortlessly transforming into a chic tunic when unzipped. The functional deep pockets add a touch of versatility.

The stylish hood not only adds flair to your look but also provides protection from unexpected rain. Paired with the dress is a set of comfortable and trendy Aladdin pants that allow for unrestricted movement, offering you a blend of comfort and a sense of style.Even in the heaviest rain, you will remain dry in this suit.

This ensemble is available in both classic black and beige colors, with the option for custom orders in various hues for an additional fee. Experience the epitome of modest fashion without compromising on comfort.